Tattoo Pre-care Instructions:

  1. Make sure you eat a GOOD meal before coming to the shop. Not just a “bag of chips”, but a REAL meal. You burn calories while being tattooed, so you need to consume a lot to be able to make it through the whole sit without feeling dizzy. We don’t want you to pass out!
  2. Shower and have the area to be tattooed all clean and prepared.
  3. Stay sober the night before! If you have a wild drunken night, you will feel like HELL during your tattoo sit.
  4. Have a restful and adequate night’s sleep!

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions:

  1. Gently remove bandage 1-2 hours after procedure.
  2. Wash tattoo using clean hands and antibacterial pump soap, such as Dial or Softsoap.
  3. Pat dry using a clean paper towel and allow to airdry.
  4. Let it breathe.
  5. If needed, massage a very small amount of fragrance-free lotion, like Curel, onto the tattoo.

Most Important Factors in Healing a Tattoo:

  • Cleanliness (never touch with dirty hands).
  • Allow it to breathe.
  • Light moisture.
  • Protect it from the sun.
  • No additional trauma to the skin.
  • No water logging, soaking in a bathtub, or swimming in a pool.
  • Call if you have any additional questions. 781.233.1780